Cest’ la Vie

Whatever will be, will be.

We live in this chaotic world full of undecided and unpredictable moments. But whatever happens, happens.We can’t change things that’s already done. But then we hold the power to the things that still hasn’t unfold. 

The question that holds all the mystery to our future is whether we make the right decisions or not. It’s a scary thing-we hold the key to what will be and once we make these decisions we can’t turn them back. 

How do we make decisions and make sure we don’t regret them?

The truth is we can’t. We just make them and we hope for the best. And that in turn is another scary thing; not knowing. But that’s just how life works. 

We are given chances then choices then we make changes. After that, we move forward.

Like the leaves of autumn that fade along with the changing seasons, the choices we make will pass but will leave its mark not only in us but in everything we’re acquainted with.



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Cold heart by Ulysses.G on Flickr.

Scarphelia // The New Year Jar